Senior Strategic Advisor/Consultant, Clinical Financial Specialist

Reports To: Principal Consultant/CEO. 


We are seeking a highly experienced and motivated Clinical Financial Specialist, to join our core strategic advisory & consulting team and provide expert services to our niche clientele of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies developing rare disorder therapies for the European market. As a Clinical Financial Specialist, you will play a pivotal role in guiding our clients through the complexities of clinical trial financing, ensuring that their projects are financially sound, perfectly budgeted, and well-positioned for success.


  • Provide comprehensive clinical trial financial strategic advisory consulting services to our pharma and biotech clients specializing in rare disorder therapies 
  • Develop and manage clinical trial budgets, ensuring accurate forecasting and cost-effective execution of trials 
  • Conduct thorough financial analyses to assess the financial feasibility of clinical trial projects 
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors and service providers to secure optimal pricing and terms 
  • Manage clinical trial grants, ensuring compliance with grant terms and maximizing grant utilization 
  • Prepare financial reports and presentations for clients and senior management 
  • Stay abreast of regulatory and reimbursement requirements for clinical trials in the European market 
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of financial planning into the overall clinical trial strategy 
  • Provide expert advice and guidance on clinical trial financial strategies to our clients


  • Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or a related field 
  • 10+ years of experience in clinical trial finance, preferably in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry, and/or consulting for a leading global establishment 
  • Proven expertise in developing and managing clinical trial budgets 
  • Strong analytical and financial modelling skills 
  • In-depth knowledge of clinical trial financing regulations, grants, and reimbursement mechanisms 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and clinical trial management software 

Essential Qualifications: 

  • Extensive experience working with rare disorder therapies (Desirable) 
  • Profound understanding of the European regulatory and reimbursement landscape for clinical trials 
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation 
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification 
  • Excellent rates for short- and long-term contracts 



  • Opportunity to work with a team of highly respected and renowned experts in the rare disorder fields 
  • Make a significant impact on the lives of patients with rare disorders by ensuring access to affordable and effective treatments 
  • Be a core team member and contribute to the growth and success of a leading consultancy firm specializing in rare disorders 
  • Professional development opportunities to stay at the forefront of rare disorder HEOR trends and innovations 


To Apply: 

Please submit your CV and a compelling cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and accomplishments to

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