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Unlocking European Access

Developing a therapy for a rare disease is a noble endeavour, but the path to market is complex, especially in Europe. This guide equips rare disease pharma/biotech startups worldwide with the knowledge and strategies to successfully navigate the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval process and unlock access to millions of potential patients across the European Union (EU).

Unlocking European Rare Disease Therapies

Challenges Facing The European Market

Regulatory Complexity

The EMA process is distinct, with specific requirements and guidelines that differ from other regions. Understanding these nuances is crucial for a successful application.

Pricing & Reimbursement

Gaining access to national healthcare systems in Europe involves diverse pricing and reimbursement procedures, each with its own intricacies that require careful navigation.

Limited Resources

Startups often have lean teams, making it difficult to allocate resources to navigate the complex European landscape and comply with varying national regulations.

A Rare Collective of Industry Leaders

A Rare Collective of Industry Leaders

Partner Rare brings together a unique blend of expertise to guide you through the intricacies of the rare disease landscape.

Our Team Comprises Seasoned Industry Leaders, Including

Experienced CEOs

Individuals who have led successful rare disease companies, offering invaluable insights into strategic decision-making and operational excellence.

Government Advisors

Experts with in-depth knowledge of regulatory frameworks and policy landscapes, ensuring your approach aligns with current requirements.

World-Renowned Professors in Science

Scientific leaders with a proven track record of translating research into innovative therapies, providing cutting-edge knowledge and guidance.

Life Science Legal Experts

Legal professionals specializing in the life sciences sector, safeguarding your interests, and ensuring compliance throughout the process.

Entrepreneurs at the Forefront of Drug Repurposing

Visionaries who identify and champion innovative approaches to repurposing existing medications for rare diseases, accelerating the development of new treatment options.

Keynote Speakers and Experts in Patient Advocacy

Influential voices who drive awareness, shape policy discussions, and advocate for the needs of patients and families affected by rare diseases.

Our team of experts collaborate with key opinion leaders, patient groups, and maintain longstanding relationships with influential patient organizations worldwide.

Our team’s network includes collaborations with organizations such as EURORDIS, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), and Campaign for Rare Diseases (CAMRARE), among others. These partnerships enable us to amplify the patient voice, drive awareness, and shape policy discussions, ultimately advocating for the needs of patients and families affected by rare diseases.

Expertise To Navigate Every Stage Of The EMA Process

Navigating the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval process requires a deep understanding of complex regulations and a strategic approach tailored to rare diseases.

In the following sections, we will delve into the key stages of this journey, highlighting common challenges and demonstrating how Partner Rare’s expertise can streamline your path to success in bringing your life-saving therapy to patients across Europe.

We provide expert guidance on the complex EMA regulatory landscape, ensuring your Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) and Orphan Drug Application (ODD) meet all requirements. Our support includes a comprehensive review and analysis of your data, preparing and submitting Clinical Trial Applications, developing Paediatric Investigation Plans (PIPs), and compiling robust technical documents and dossiers that align with EMA expectations.

Clinical Trial Design and Execution

Our experienced team collaborates closely with health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) experts to design and execute clinical trials that adhere to EMA guidelines. We ensure the incorporation of appropriate endpoints and data collection strategies that will support your future market access and reimbursement goals with the various payer communities across Europe.

Market Access and Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR)

We work with you from the early stages of clinical trial design to develop a comprehensive HEOR strategy. This includes generating evidence of your therapy’s value through rigorous research, conducting health economic modelling to demonstrate cost-effectiveness, and providing robust support during payer negotiations to optimize market access and reimbursement potential.

Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies

We understand the intricacies of European pricing and reimbursement systems. Our team partners with experts to craft effective strategies tailored to your specific therapy, ensuring optimal market access and patient reach across different countries.

Communication and Advocacy

Effective communication is key to success. We facilitate clear and transparent dialogue with regulatory bodies, payers, and key stakeholders, ensuring your voice is heard and your therapy’s value proposition is understood throughout the EMA approval process.

Early Access Programs

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing early access programs (EAPs) for rare and serious diseases, including Compassionate Use and Named Patient Programs. Our expertise in navigating the regulatory and logistical complexities of EAPs helps you provide your life-saving therapy to patients in need while generating valuable real-world data.

Marketing Strategies for Rare Diseases

We develop comprehensive marketing strategies and materials tailored to the unique challenges of rare diseases. Our approach focuses on raising awareness, educating stakeholders, and building strong relationships with patient advocacy groups to ensure your therapy reaches its full potential.

Partner Rare leverages its strong network of patient organizations across the globe to amplify your voice, build trust, and ensure your therapy reaches those who need it most. We help identify the right partners, facilitate collaboration, and develop targeted advocacy strategies that align with your goals.

Post-Approval Success

Market Access Optimization and Beyond

Our support doesn’t end with EMA approval. Partner Rare continues to partner with you, providing guidance on navigating national approval processes in individual EU member states, optimizing market access strategies, and ensuring the ongoing success of your rare disease therapy.

Investing in European Access

A Sound Decision

Entering the European market is a strategic move for any rare disease therapy developer. Partner Rare provides the comprehensive expertise and support you need to unlock this vast potential and deliver life-changing treatments to millions.

Your End-to-End Partner for EMA Approval and Market Success

Partner Rare is your trusted advisor throughout the entire journey. We are your end-to-end partner for EMA approval and market success. Our holistic approach ensures seamless navigation through every stage of the process, from strategic planning to post-marketing surveillance.

Empower your rare disease therapy. Contact Partner Rare today to arrange a complimentary meeting with our team, lets discuss your specific requirements and begin your journey to European market success.

If you are ready to unlock the vast potential of Europe for your rare disease therapy, contact Partner Rare today to schedule a meeting.

Let’s discuss your specific development and commercialization goals and explore how our expertise can propel your therapy towards success.

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